Taking Your Dog on Holidays to Esperance, Western Australia

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We all know Esperance is a beautiful coastal town and for its pristine beaches, stunning landscapes, and friendly locals. it's also perfect place for those who want to bring their furry friends along, there are plenty of dog-friendly accommodation options available and open beaches that are dog friendly. 


Dog-Friendly Accommodation in Esperance

Esperance has a range of dog-friendly accommodation options, from holiday homes and apartments to caravan parks and campsites. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Bathers Paradise Caravan Park: located one block from the beach front,There is also an outdoor dog wash area but has a limited number of dog friendly camping sites.


  • RAC Esperance Holiday Park: This caravan park is located right on the beach and offers powered and unpowered sites for caravans and tents. They also have pet-friendly cabins and cottages available.


  • Pink Lake Tourist Park: This caravan park is  offers pet-friendly cabins, chalets, and powered sites for caravans and tents. They also have a dog exercise area.


  • EcoValley Retreat:  They are within 5km of the Esperance town centre but are surrounded by a lot of natural bush; you might think you were further out into the country! This is only for adults  as the site say not suitable for children and you can take your pets as long as they are well socialized. The Accommodation comprises of two self-contained units. website link to Eco Valley retreat 


  • JJ's Holiday Cottages: Extracted from their website "JJ’s Holiday Cottages are fully self-contained, all linen is provided and they are fully fenced. Relax on your own private patio, enjoy the sound of the rolling waves or take a leisurely stroll to the beach and enjoy Esperance’s beautiful beaches. Sit back on your private patio and listen to the ocean breaking, while having the security of your children and pets play safely in the fully fenced yard."


  • Camping Beaches - that are not in a W.A park.
 Alexander Bay is a nice beach to camp, that is shire owned so allows dogs - its 70ks east of Esperance , you need to be self sufficient as only toilets and a skip bin are provided for rubbish. Here is a link for more info of  Alexander Bay There are camp fee's either paid to camp host or honour box near entrance
Masons bay is an option west of Esperance - this falls into the Ravensthorpe shire so booking need to be done through the shire website, its approx. 140ks from esperance and approx. 40k's to hopetoun. Below is our video we made while camping there - featuring our fluffy  Moodle family member. You can have fires as well at Mason Bay during right period of the year as there are provided fire pits. 


 Things to Be Careful of on the Beach with Your Dog in Esperance

There are a few things to be careful of when you're at the beach,with your dog. Here is some local knowledge tips to keep in mind:

  • Watch out for snakes: Western Australia is home to a variety of snakes, including some venomous species. Keep your dog on a leash and avoid letting them explore rocky areas or tall grass where snakes may be hiding. On hot days snakes are more active  as they are looking for water.Picture on right is of a tiger snake with its distinctive yellow stripes and underbody. 

Tiger snake with yellow stripes


  •  Beware of  washed up mottled sea hare: These slugs can be found in the waters around Esperance, and wash up each year on the beach , they are toxic to dogs even if they lick them and can cause illness (think of  it's like a severe allergic reaction for dogs)  sea hares swim with "wings" called parapodia and can release a vivid purple dye, similar to the way that a squid expels ink so don't let your pooch play with this if you see it near the waters edge or even washed up on the beach and deceased


  •  Clean up after your dog: It's important to be a responsible pet owner and clean up after your dog when you're at the beach. Bring plenty of poop bags with you and dispose of them properly. Most beaches around town that are permitted , the shire have yellow bags at the entrances to the beach which you can use but they may not always be available if not replenished so best to bring your own.


  •  Respect other beachgoers: Not everyone loves dogs as much as you do, so be respectful of other beachgoers. Keep your dog on a leash and avoid letting them run up to strangers without permission. Read the signs as some beaches require leashes at certain times of the day, if your dog isnt social then beaches like Wylie bay  might be better to take them for a walk along.
    •  Stay safe in the sun: Western Australia can get very hot, so it's important to protect yourself and your dog from the sun. Bring plenty of water for both of you. Never leave your dog in the car - The wind in Esperance can make a day seem mild to cold, but inside the car out of the wind the sun will heat up a car quickly to dangerous temperatures.


    •  Watch for rips and undertows: some beaches have reef and strong rips , if your  dog loves the water then its important to make sure you read the shire warning signs at the entrances of the beach, or access the beach conditions such as larger swells means more water flow and stronger rips , there has been instances where dogs have been sucked under reefs from hidden undertows,  there are so many beaches though that are dog safe, just common sense needs to be applied.
    dog swimming in esperance water


      •  Keep your pet off the rocks:  Most headlands rocks are very dangerous when wet - they have a black coating that is an algae and seems fine when dry but once wet  anyone including a dog can slip and slide into the water - even if there isn't any  black algae on the rock - king waves can come at random times even in calm ocean days - a dog chasing birds or just sniffing interesting nooks could end in tragedy as has been in the past by unknowing owners - where pets have been swept off the rocks and in some instances so have the owners trying to save them resulting in tragedy for family members. 

      •  Keep them out of the bush: Ticks can cause all sorts of issues , always make sure you check your dog and yourself for that matter if you have ventured into the scrub as a brush along some native vegetation could make you or your dog a host to the native ticks which can infect with dangerous diseases and bacteria,   It's happened once to our pooch and also to our son. To remove gently pull the tick out with tweezers by grasping its head as close to the skin as possible.
      • Avoid tick-infested areas: Stay away from bushy and overgrown areas where ticks thrive. By minimizing exposure, you can reduce the risk of tick bites.

      • Regularly inspect your dog: After spending time outdoors, thoroughly check your dog's fur for any signs of ticks. Pay close attention to areas such as the ears, neck, underbelly, and between the toes.

      • Tick prevention products: Consult your veterinarian about suitable tick prevention products for your dog. These may include spot-on treatments, tick collars, or oral medications. These products can help repel and kill ticks, providing an extra layer of protection.

        tweezers removing tick from dog hair


          Dog Kennels in Esperance for Your Furry Friend

          Esperance offers several excellent dog kennels where you can leave your furry friend while you're out exploring the beautiful parks in the area which don't allow pets . Whether you're looking for a family-run business or a larger pet boarding facility, there is something here to suit every budget and preference.

          Note: all kennels require up to date vaccinations for your dog to stay. But You may find some pet sitters that can look after your pet at your accommodation if your dog is behind its vaccination, your best option is to try facebook search as some of these types of pet sitting is discussed there.

          The local veterinary service  is SWANS VETS , its important to have you pet up to date vaccinated when traveling anywhere - Canine parvovirus is very contagious and survives in the soil for up to seven months and even longer in right conditions, its also very deadly for dogs if they get infected. Esperance has known to have dogs infected so it is in the area. 

          • Abalee Cattery & Kennels

          Abalee Cattery & Kennels is a family-owned and operated pet boarding facility that has been serving the Esperance community for over 20 years. It offers a range of services, including dog boarding, cat boarding, and pet grooming, all in a safe and secure environment.

          The kennels are spacious and well-ventilated, and each one comes with a comfortable bed and blanket. The staff at Abalee Cattery & Kennels also provide plenty of exercise and playtime for your dog, so you can rest assured that your furry friend will have a great time while you're away.

          • Doggy Wellness Esperance

          Doggy Wellness Esperance is another great option for pet boarding in Esperance. It is a small, family-run business that offers personalized care for your furry friend.

          The kennels at Doggy Wellness Esperance are spacious and comfortable, and each one comes with a cozy bed and blanket. The staff here also provide plenty of exercise and playtime for your dog, and they can even cater to dogs with special needs or dietary requirements.

          In addition to dog boarding, Doggy Wellness Esperance also offers dog training and grooming services, making it a one-stop-shop for all your pet care needs.

          •  Country Lane Boarding Kennels

          Country Lane Boarding Kennels is a pet boarding facility located on a beautiful 10-acre property just outside of Esperance. It offers dog boarding in a tranquil and peaceful setting.
          The kennels at Country Lane Boarding Kennels are spacious and well-ventilated.

          Overall, Esperance is a great place to take your dog on holiday. With plenty of dog-friendly accommodation options and beautiful beaches to explore, you and your furry friend are sure to have a great time. Just be sure to take the necessary precautions to keep your dog safe and happy while you're here.

          Our shop always welcomes people into the store whom are strolling the town centre with their dog in tow , So we are dog friendly too and we hope to see you drop in for a chat about what else to see and do and check out a range of products!

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