About Photographer Andrew Halter


Raised in Esperance all my life with my higher education at agricultural boarding schools, and worked on the family farm with mostly cattle, crops and a few sheep as well as a fledgling aquaculture enterprise.Andrew taking photo of Esperance whale tail.

I always had an interest in photography and also gadgets- as a kid I designed a "gentle reminder"  it was an air-induced sign that fell in front of the occupant while sitting on the toilet to remind them to flush , this contraption ended up in the finalist of the festival of the minds state school competition. Anyhow, I digress... 

After thorough researching of best available printers on the market, I purchased a  44inch printer.

As one can imagine I was pretty excited when it arrived - it was like a huge gadget to play with. Since then the business has accumulated more large format printers for various printing products. So the list of Gadgets has continued to grow.

hp z3200 first printer for large canvas and photo prints

I also was equally excited when I bought my first digital camera a 3mb Canon. Fortunately, digital photography equipment has continued to improve from the early days.

Andrews first digital camera a 3mb canon

Today I prefer to shoot with the pentaz645z medium format camera for my landscape photography  With a 51.4 mb chip its made for printing big images with no quality loss.

I enjoy the outdoors of nature, camping at the many diverse locations available in Esperance, The beach and rock fishing, kitesurfing and snorkelling some of our interesting reef locations in the Recherche Archipelago.

I love to take the Golden hour shots of sunsets and sunrises but still maintain Esperance clear blue waters. My New passion is drone photography, i hope to add to the image library more images as I get the chance to utilize it in my outdoor lifestyle. 

I live with my partner Tania and our son Joseph.

family photo of Tania and Andrew and joseph