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A running commentary (pun intended)...

Jun 19
Ladies and gentlemen, good morning and welcome to a thrilling...

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Taking a selfie of the...

Jun 18
Taking the perfect kangaroo shot selfie at Lucky Bay in...

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Alexander bay - A beach...

Feb 02
Alexander bay is a really nice place to set up...

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Helms Arboretum. The vast reserve

Aug 04
Welcome to this sprawling botanical wonderland - Helms Arboretum. This...

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Exploring the Rivers and Lakes...

Jul 23
🌊 🛶🐦🎣 In this information tourism post of what to...

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The Perfect Time and Season...

Jun 25
  As a coastal town nestled on the southern coast...

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The Art of Personalized Stickers:...

Jun 18
Introduction: Caravanning is more than just a mode of transportation...

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Smart phone - Smart camera's

Nov 13
The smart phone camera  has some limitations to picture print...

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Sunsmart Hats, Clothes and Dresses

our own range of clothes , toasty hoods, e-sea-breeze skirts and dress for adults and kids sizes.


Our store offers a large range for all tastes

Combined Collages Designs

On our stickers , Stubby holders and so many other products

Many Practical Products

Like this quirky window car shade

Cards and postcards

Last count we had over 100 different designs in 3d postcards,Premium linen cloth cards and many more options for all budgets and tastes

large range os sunsmart clothes and dress's



 Artworks by Tania Lowe

Please drop in the shop and check out our full range, Dogs and kids are welcome

We have hundreds and hundreds of designs and products in the shop

Please check out the facebook feed page in the menu list as this showcases most new products and designs.

We hope to see you in our store and you enjoy your stay in our amazing Esperance.

Latest Social media Images and products posts

Short list of shop products with Esperance prints or designs

  • hats , caps , beanies, scarfs , bucket hats , broad brimmed hats, bandanas
  • surf shorts (boardies) , rashies ,bikini sets and kids bathers
  • dress's, crop tops , v neck tshirts , skirts
  • fishing shirts , squid rigs , fishing telescopic rods
  • adult and kids sun smart shirts
  • cups , mugs, stubby holders, shot glass's , steel flasks , thermoses
  • flip flops , snow boots , diamond sandals
  • rings , pendants , necklaces, earings and trinkets
  • canvas prints, aluminium prints, acrylic prints
  • stickers, postcards, 3d magnets , bottle openers, premium gift cards
  • wireless phone chargers
  • car widow shades, keyholders, keyrings , glass cutting boards
  • blankets, toasty hoods, duvet covers (in many sizes), pillow slips , cushion covers
  • local made soaps, local resin artworks
  • gold coins, snow globes , hat pins , iron on badges , spoons and thimbles collector items , number plates
  • boxed puzzles , playing cards.
  • pre loved books and dvd's
  • slates prints, tiles prints , glass block prints , clocks
  • sand free towels , tea towels , cloth cleaners
  • baby onesies , bibs , 1 to 2 year old sizes - dress - shorts - shirts
  • wine bottle carriers and wine cork caps
  • floor and bar mats
  • pencil cases, coin purses, sunglass pouches
  • kangaroo products
  • beach bags , tote bags , backpacks, durable bags
  • coasters and placemats

Our Store

Esperance , Western Australia

Mon - Fri, 9am - 4.30pm
Saturday, 9am - 12pm
Sunday, Optional