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The popularity and evolution of the smart phone with high MB camera  sensors means its not too hard to take a nice photo - particularly  when its in Esperance because of our picturesque seascapes. We are asked often in the shop regarding images to print  on our canvas or gift products , taken from a customers  smart phone , for most parts they turn our really well.


In fact most  consumer drone footage/images are taken with a sensor the same size as used in mobile phones.

The image below was taken with a Mavic pro 2 - but this was stitched together as three shots to make the resolution higher.

west beach reef - small image sensor drone

There are many apps for android and ios that help you obtain images almost the same as a dedicated camera can. Keeping in mind you will always struggle to get the image resolution.

So few tips:

One trick is to shoot several images then combine as a panoramic - its better to be close up to the  intended subject then try to encompass into the single shot because your  really stretching the pixels - by being closer but taking more images your collecting more information overall.  There is a limitation to this, mainly being sometimes the expense of the composition and issues arising with perspectives and lens distortion.  But it still works well if some thought goes into it.

In google play store  search app's for panoramic:

In Apples App store search apps for panoramic: 

As all small sensors your limited in dynamic range -  to put this in simplest terms dynamic range is determined by the images shadows and highlights - having low dynamic range creates a flatter dull looking image , having a high dynamic range brings out the subtle colours and textures and shapes of natures light. Again Apps can help -   to choose an app that can shoot three different settings then combine is the best approach. 

iphone - this app is highly regarded but requires somewhat a learning curve

Android - this app requires a purchase and a learning curve.


Lastly when sending  your images make sure you send original file , many times when receiving a file its reduced size because most times its to save data usage on your mobile phone -  to get the best out of your image we need the highest pixel counts and resolutions you have from the image.  Androids and ios have different options of file size prior to sending , try looking for original. 


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