About Artist and Photographer Tania Lowe

I was born in South Australia and moved over to Esperance at an early age with the family which purchased a sheep farm in the area.

Tania country girl

I first picked up a paintbrush when my grandma visited the family farm when I was around 8 years old, Sitting in the shearing shed with an improvised Gurts gallery sign in between the partitions of daggy wool piles.

Grandma in Gurts gallery shearing shedTania Learning her painting skills inside the shearing shed walls

My first painting I completed with grandma's guidance as she was painting the same, upon completion I recall her saying “yours is much better than mine”, This positive feedback and continued guidance for several years on my grandma's visits from South Australia was the predominant influence of my artistic progression.

I attended briefly the local art class's until nude impressionism was the subject of which I wasn’t allowed to continue art classes, I continued to paint scenic landscapes with self-learning painting techniques until a lifestyle change resulted in moving to Perth with other commitments.

After a 30 year hiatus from painting, a friend  was wanting a painting commissioned, his instance and encouragement was through the purchase of an easel, the paintbrushes and paints so I could complete his painting and with the enjoyment in taking up the paintbrush again I have continued to paint, and the painting must have been satisfactory as we are now partners.

Moving back to Esperance has progressed further my painting skills, through the inspiration of the seascapes and the opportunity of being able to paint on a more consistent basis. My bias is towards oils.

I love being able to work wet in wet and with this I mix on the canvas for the subtle tonal changes of shade and light.

I enjoy doing commissioned paintings for people, most times there is an element in the painting that cannot be produced with a camera. So able to bring that into the subject is rewarding to do for others.

Tania Lowe working on commissioned painting of twilight cove

My passion is to help others in progressing their talent, I believe an artist just needs that positive push to explore their abilities outside of a comfort zone. Grandma's positive feedback was the most important lesson I learned in the shearing shed other than wool picking and sheep handling.

My other enjoyments are Camping  Esperance sites, fishing on a boat, beach and rocks, working the family farm with Andrew and of course photography.

While attending  Esperance  Senior High School, my best grades were in photography.

I enjoy the natural daylight shoots with my Canon DSLR and mostly use a wide angle lens.

family photo and Andrew, Tania and Joseph their son.

 I live with my Partner Andrew and our son Joseph. 

If you're interested in a commissioned painting please use the contact form for more information.