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Although "a beach less travelled"  is a novel which is set living in the Caribbean islands, that's where the similarities stop - but to me Alexander bay is a little like its own island , it borders on both sides are national parks with the normal restrictions, so its maintained by Shire of Esperance and its less travelled because we are spoilt for choice of beaches.

So being council operated - the pet pooch is welcomed to camp with you, Fires are fine in the months between May - September unless it's announced otherwise,  camping on the beach is possible and enjoyable if  your self maintained  - especially when the designated campsites fill up , Quad bikes can be ridden although it can make it feel a bit  like the wild west during January school holidays, but i don't feel its to the point its obnoxious.


Dog sitting with boy on beach at alexander bay Esperance.



A-bay has a so much going for it other than the above appeals. In fact we like this beach so much we had our wedding here!


wedding setup at Esperance alexander beach


Boat launching from the beach is usually an easy affair and its not a long travel to pick up some nice quality fish around the islands and reefs as there is loads of limestone reef visible on the beach  and all through the bay visible on the sounder,  and further out - so on the day, at the right spot - pink snapper can get hooked, otherwise you can hook into other snappers.

Beach fishing during the salmon runs are productive and fun and also catching squid closer to the camp area with squid rigs is great activity for the kids.

If you like lucky bays white sand - the fine powder feel and squeaky sound under your feet is also local quality to A- bay , which make most  parts on low tide an easy beach to drive around  to the headlands. 

A bay also has a surf break as you drive along the beach further east and works in summer as the bay swings around so its cross offshore when the seabreeze cranks up,  but its also suitable for wind sports closer to the camp sites. Be mindful the further around you travel the softer the sand becomes.

Lastly there is a creek/river that is fun for a paddle on the kayaks or Stand up Paddle boards  of which one can paddle approx 4k's upriver.

 If you have a sand board then there is the dunes too that can have a slide down.

 Access to the beach is easy and towing anything less than 19ft around the tight corners isn't too bad but you can get the odd scratch. Returning back up is the harder part as its uphill and a your need to turn your wheels so check it out on the day and decide if a setup on the beach is worth the issues of leaving the beach later.

Camping and fireplace on beach at Alexander Bay Esperance

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