Summer is upon us and so are the Seabreezes with Swells

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With our first of 15 knots Seabreezes coming through from the South East, its time to look at locations for Windsports in Esperance.

I will mostly concentrate on the wind junky traveller looking for the ideal spot for a kite or sail around our pristine and isolated beaches.

But it goes without saying Esperance has a Yacht Club with a good following of competitors and events, Although I won't be covering this type of wind activity, it's to be noted that it has hosted the Flying Fifteen championships in 2017 and Previous Years. 

A snippet of a history lesson first:

Back in the 80's Esperance was well known for its Summer swells and Seabreezes, Locally the town hosted the World windsurfing Competition for almost all the disciplines of the sport. The Ideal offshore winds at the observatory with large swells made for it great conditions for competitors as well as for the local spectators to watch from the high elevation it offered.


There are so many isolated beaches around town its impossible to cover them all but so here's a few tips of local knowledge:

  • A cold wind is denser so our 15 knots has more power than warmer winds like up north, for example, a 10-meter kite in Perth might need an 8-meter kite in Esperance.
  • Looking at summer conditions, usually, our season is most predictable for sea breezes in late December and all through January, which suits the school holiday crowds.
  • Heat Waves in Perth so no freo doctor means its toughed out, this is when it cranks down the south-east for us and for several days. It's been known for some epic road trips and experiences.
  • Esperance is not called the Bay of Isles without reason, so beach selection can be important depending on skill levels, as some places wind shadows can make it challenging, particularly for freestyle kiters, or too small sails. 
  •  Many bays curve around to make it possible for Offshore winds and swells  = epic down winders, but only in strong winds to allow for wind shadows






The Bay in Esperance

  • Is great for Slalom or just freestylers whom just like to do fast runs, jumps and tricks - not ideal for wakestyle or waves as too bumpy for one and only a Shore break for waves.
  • Castletown Quays to bandy creek is really the best bet for kiters to set up, but anywhere else is ok for windsurfers to launch from.
  • Be aware its a dog beach too so late afternoons it can get busy with locals walking along it.
  • Toilets and wash Areas located at some carparks located in Castletown and across from Museum Village.



    4th Mile - Tourist Loop  on Twilight Cove Road

    4th mile beach
  • Waves Head high to double headers. 
  • Cross to cross onshore winds
  • Mostly Kitesurfers use this beach, but windsurfers come here when observatory beach isn't cranking or banks are mush.
  • Can have reef exposed in areas over winter on eastern side of bay.
  • No Toilets at launch sites, but can drive down to Twilight Cove to use facilities there.
  • Life-saving Club and busy summer holidays at Twilight Cove make it a no go for sails and kiters. 

  •  Observatory Beach - Tourist Loop  on Twilight Cove Road

    Observatory beach Windsurfing
  • Cross offshore winds in south easterly
  • Reefs west side of break if things go pear shape.
  • Windsurfers go to spot for wave sailing.
  • Can be sketchy on the inside in light winds for kiters.
  • Not recommended for inexperienced kiters due to conditions.
  • Wind shadows on launching
  • Good Swell
  • Can be stronger winds here than elsewhere sometimes.
  • Usually swings more easterly later in afternoon.
  • Can have surfers in break too even when windy.
  • Toilets in carpark.



    Wylie Bay West Side - Wylie Bay Road

    • Best location in Esperance for old-school hang time due to an uplift of rock eastside headland
    • Best location for wakestyle due to flat water near  east side headland
    • Easy Downwinder for beginners and intermediates for small to shoulder high waves
    • Can have higher winds than other west side of Esperance
    • Can park and launch on beach with a 4wd
    • No Toilets or facilities


    Kelps Down Wave Winder - Wylie Bay Road With 4WD 


    Kelps Down Winder  
    • 4wd access off Wylie Bay road or drive around from Cape Le Grand (check with locals first about beach conditions as can be challenging )
    • Best on a South South Easterly wind direction for cross shore (onshore most other places)
    • South Easterly needs 20 knots or more  winds for wind shadows and when on inside of  large waves and for the more experienced. 
    • Sets can be from head high to double head high when cranking.
    • When all things line up  - swell and winds,  This downwinder can be some a Kite Sessions not to be forgotten.


    Anything and Everything Esperance sells a large selection of beach towels printed with Esperance images and artworks on them, as well as board shorts from local artist Tania Lowe including legend in his own lagoon 

     legend in his own lagoon board kitesurfing shorts


      Esperance wind forecast for the next 7 days  - This Graph has been kindly provided by

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