Taking a selfie of the Kangaroos at Lucky Bay

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Taking the perfect kangaroo shot selfie at Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grand  can be a fantastic experience to share with your social media friends, it's one reason why lucky bay was voted best beach in the world due to its social media exposure!


Lucky Bay, located in Western Australia, is known for its beautiful white sandy beaches and its resident kangaroos that often hang out there. To capture the perfect kangaroo shot selfie, follow these tips:

  1. Respect the kangaroos: Remember that kangaroos are wild animals, so it's essential to observe them from a safe distance and not to disturb or approach them too closely. Maintain a respectful distance to ensure your safety and theirs.


  2. Choose the right time: Kangaroos are most active during early mornings and late afternoons. Plan your visit accordingly to increase your chances of encountering them. When we have camped at lucky bay we have  noticed in the early mornings just around Sunrise in the golden hour they are out and about.

    Morning sunrise during golden hour shoot

  3. Be patient: Kangaroos can be a bit elusive or skittish, especially if they feel threatened. Be patient and allow them to become comfortable with your presence before attempting to take a selfie.

    kangaroo  on the beach at lucky bay coming up to camera for a sniff of the lens

  4. Use a zoom lens or selfie stick: To capture a good kangaroo shot selfie, consider using a camera with a zoom lens or a selfie stick. This will allow you to maintain a safe distance while still getting a clear shot.

    kangaroo at lucky bay with a in your face composition

  5. Frame the shot well: When taking the selfie, make sure the kangaroo is in the background or part of the frame. Position yourself at an angle that captures both you and the kangaroo in a visually appealing way.kangaroo framed in a selfy shot at cape le grand

  6. Natural lighting: Take advantage of the beautiful natural lighting at Lucky Bay. Position yourself so that the sunlight is illuminating your face and the kangaroo evenly, resulting in a well-lit and vibrant selfie.kangaroo during a golden hour end of the day shoot at lucky bay

  7. Practice safety: Always prioritize your safety and the welfare of the kangaroos. Avoid any actions that may startle or provoke them, and never feed them or attempt to touch them. Remember, it's their natural habitat, and we should respect their space.

    3 kangaroos in the bush overlooking lucky bay rock headlands

  8. Experiment and have fun: Don't be afraid to try different angles, poses, or settings to capture the perfect kangaroo shot selfie. Be creative and enjoy the experience of being surrounded by these unique Australian creatures.

    selfie of tania from anything and everything esperance  with a kangaroo eating  vegetation at lucky bay esperance

Remember to prioritize the well-being of the kangaroos and the environment. Respecting wildlife and their habitat is crucial for their conservation. Enjoy your time at Lucky Bay and capture some incredible kangaroo shot selfies while keeping these tips in mind!

If your looking for something a little more off beat, quirky and unique  here is two examples of  artworks from Tania and Myself of kangaroos at Lucky bay  

Digital art themed in steampunk of lucky bay and its kangaroos , seagulls and dolphins  

steampunk kangaroos at lucky bay digital design art


Oil painting of lucky bay  kangaroos as the role reversal of a family of tourists 

le grand le roos oil painting artwork of kangaroos at lucky bay Esperance by Tania lowe

If you have no luck for some reason and don't see any on the beach  then second best thing is to come past our shop and take a selfie of the kangaroo on our wall outside.

two kids on our anything and everything esperance shop side wall with kangaroo image behind them



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