A short story of why its not best to feed the kangaroos at Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grand

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Most of us know its not wise , appropriate or permitted to feed the locals - native animals don't do well with a human food source. But its not as easy to say or explain to kids - don't feed the animals! So below is a little story you can tell them to make it a little more palatable as to why they can't and shouldn't do so.  

Why did the kangaroo and emu go to the beach at Lucky Bay?

Well, they heard it was a great place to steal food from humans! You see, these two mischievous animals had a plan to indulge in some human delicacies while enjoying the sun and sand.

As they arrived at the beach, the kangaroo and emu couldn't contain their excitement. They hopped and strutted their way towards a picnic area where families were enjoying their meals.

The kangaroo hopped closer, eyeing a delicious-looking sandwich. With its nimble paws, it snatched the sandwich right out of the unsuspecting human's hand. The emu, not to be outdone, used its long neck to snatch a bag of chips from another person.

The two animals giggled with delight as they quickly devoured their stolen treats. However, their joy was short-lived when they realized that human food didn't agree with their stomachs.

The kangaroo started hopping around frantically, feeling bloated from the sandwich. "Crikey! What have I done?" it exclaimed.

The emu, struggling to swallow the chips, replied with a mouthful, "I think we've made a terrible mistake, mate!"

Suddenly, they both felt a rumble in their bellies. The kangaroo's pouch even started to inflate like a balloon!

Panicking, they hopped and ran towards the shoreline, hoping that the salty ocean breeze would ease their discomfort. But as they reached the water's edge, a wave came crashing in, drenching them from head to toe.

The kangaroo's pouch, now soaked, released a big burp, and the emu's mouthful of chips was washed away. They both looked at each other, realizing that nature had its way of teaching them a lesson.

With a newfound respect for their native diet, the kangaroo and emu slowly made their way back to the bushland, leaving the human food behind. They learned that their bodies were designed for a unique diet of grasses, fruits, and vegetation, not sandwiches and chips.

As they hopped away, the kangaroo turned to the emu and said, "Well, mate, I guess we won't be stealing any more human food. It's just not worth the bellyache!"

And so, the kangaroo and emu returned to their natural habitats, sharing their tale with other animals along the way. From that day forward, they all stuck to their native diets, knowing that they were perfectly designed for the foods that nature provided.

So, remember, next time you're at the beach, keep an eye out for mischievous kangaroos and emus. They may be tempted by your snacks, but they'll quickly learn that human food is best left to humans while they stick to their own delicious menu.

A kangaroo eating in the scrub overlooking  the lucky bay beach

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