The Moir Homestead Ruins

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The Moir Homestead is located in the stokes national park ,  West of Esperance and down Quagi road then turning off at the end of the farms onto the fanny cove 4wd track. SEE LINK BELOW.,121.18/@-33.8400746,121.1120807,12z


A few cautions - bee hives do set up home sometimes in the cavities and chimney -  well its a ruin so its not exactly building survey complaint - although it's stood the test of time better than some of those high rises that's been recently built - point being the walls could topple. 

the well


you don't have to be a history buff to appreciate how difficult living so remotely would have been - and the walls themselves lend to this insight,  looking at the charcoal thats scattered through the mortar - as settlers  burning their gathered limestone to convert to cement. 

mullbeery treeThere is a mulberry tree that still holds fruit when in season , so expect the kids to come home with stained fingers, which brings home the fact - bring water as on a hot day - you will be in need of it! 
i really enjoy visiting this place , we hope you do too, and drop into the shop to share your experiences on it.
You can camp at fanny cove campsite, a protected bay from the westerlies and there's a few choice spots for a surf if the conditions are working.
It's Also a boat launchable beach and if your willing to go the distance can bag out within hours of the quality fish species available.  
Lastly - if fanny coves camp is full - there is also Shoal Cape campsite further on.  with an inner reef and outer reef - its a nice spot for a snorkel and if your keen, capable and competent  then the second reef opens up to some nice spear fishing too! 
sambo caught out at fanny cove.
fanny cove sambo

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