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 When your deciding on visiting Esperance you have possibly come across this page through a google search result. Or read other blogs articles and travel reviews to see what type of information and experiences those that have visited the town and our beaches are expressing and on further searching landed here.

The inspiration for my blog title is that I came across this interesting article written by a travel blogger.

It's titled :

The catchy title points to the direction of the article's intent.

It lacks a publication date other from comments on the article dated 4 years old.

NOTE: 4 Years is a long time in a  growing tourist town as many things can change. In fact, the local shire recently listed tourism as a major consideration in future town planning and local government decisions.

In the past 8 to 10 years at least $50 million has been spent on improving facilities directly or indirectly at the benefit of tourism in Esperance from private enterprises to the local, state and federal governments.


Another interesting part of the article was the author was feeling travel fatigued after 16 months of travelling, which isn't a good mindset to experience what Esperance or any travel destination has to offer and possibly a high dose of Esperance R&R might have been the best medicine.

Even just driving the vast distances across the Nulabour plain it's understandable becoming a little travel fatigue which is why its a perfect reason for staying a few extra days in Esperance to recoup, regenerate and then explore the abundance of places and attractions to visit, before the next travel adventure.

The blog Author also seemed like they travelled 500 to 2200km's and didn't do a little research for information of interests prior to arrival at their destination - Is it irony to think of who does that other than someone that writes travel blogs?

Alternatively to gain information, visit a friendly tourism shop like ours or the local shires visitor centre for visitor information. For those that are staying only a few days visiting a town's information centre is the most efficient way other than searching online for information. 

The article stated -

"Esperance had been high on our Aussie bucket list for so long. Everyone kept saying, (“You just have to go there. Wait until you see the beaches around Esperance, you’ll be blown away!”)."

"Maybe that was part of the problem. Our expectations were so high, as we’d already been BLOWN AWAY so many times since we’d started our trip. It was getting harder and harder to be blown away by places, especially by beaches."

blue waters and a rock for kids to jump off - Esperance beaches at its best

 I thought I would list what makes Esperance beaches a little bit more special than many other beaches in Australia:

  • Considering from the majority of headlands and shorelines you can view many of the 102 islands that are scattered throughout the Archipelago of the Recherche. Yes other places have an island here or there you can see, but not many have islands you can see from almost any bay in the shires district. 
  • The migrating Southern Right Whales frequently come in close for viewing with their calves, As well as the large pods of dolphins that come into the bays regularly particularly on the warmer days. When the whale's migration season is in full swing, viewing can be from the West Beach car park, Observatory Beach, Thomas River and even Castletown Quays in town. Sometimes only 50 to 100 meters away from the shoreline, so unlike other whale eco-tours destinations you can stand on the beach and enjoy the sight as close as if on a boat.


  • That you can tour by charter boat or plane over to Middle island home of Lake Hillier which is world renowned for its contrasting blue waters bay to the inland pink lake only a stone throw away from each other. A Red Bull video helped propelled this unique island into becoming an iconic tourism experience, Some cultures have even called it the footprint of God.


Anything and Everything Esperance can take bookings for the plane charters tours here



      • Able to drive on the beaches for kilometres around to explore the bays not listed on tourist brochures - these are the real gems that the locals know of and rewarding to find.
      • The squeaky sound the sand on some beaches, when walked upon, as well as the fact it has been scientifically recognized as having the whitest sand beach in Australia. Which is why the shop stocks Sunglasses, Sunscreens and broad-rimmed hats to protect you from the Sun, because the reflection from our waters and sands will burn if not adequately covered.
      • At the right time of year and on the beaches that are shire managed and camping is permitted, you can camp on the beach and enjoy open campfires, add that to the instant access to the waters edge and your kids are self-entertained all day long - while you can relax, sunbake or read.  The added bonus is that dogs are permitted on many shire beaches too.

      Beachside camping and campefires at night with an  Esperance Sunset.

      "I mean, somebody had decided to build a full-size replica of Stonehenge. Number 5 on the list of things to on TripAdvisor. It just seemed a bit weird. What is the connection? And when I hear of people saying the real thing is a bit of a letdown, why would I want to see a replica?"

      Ok, so it's not in Wiltshire - England. But the city of churches (Adelaide) isn't exactly in Rome either... and there's a reason Esperance stone henge is rated 5 on TripAdvisor. 

      The  English stone henge relic reviews say its experience is overrated (letdown), Many of the stones (laymans term) have fallen or not there, its always crowded with tourists and there are designated walkways. So it diminishes on the experience of Scope of scale. But that's the English stone henge - the Esperance stone henge stands on its own. (pun intended)

      Had the author entered the Esperance Stone Henge attraction than some of the questions put forward as to of why? how? and visitor experience? - might have been answered:

      This replica is scaled to the original  1:1 - which makes it awe-inspiring especially when it's located overlooking the views of the bays, and you can walk between the rocks (layman's term) to appreciate not just the original scale and history, but the replica itself. 

      It's located on the way to Lucky Bay and Cape Le Grand National Park - so it's not just an amazing destination to visit, but as a stopover between other world-class attractions too.

      The Esperance pink granite was transported from the quarry 500 meters from the tourist attraction, it's very unique to the area in its colour and the sparkle of the mineral mica, its mined for high-end kitchens and other decorative uses. 

      The cafe scene has progressively evolved in synch with Esperance as a desirable tourism destination.....

      Lucky bay has a coffee van in summer such as like the one the author mentioned that was located along the town's foreshore, there are more food vans now operating around the bay than any other time in the history of Esperance selling all types of tasty treats and drinks  - and more being approved this season.

      The Lucky Bean van is parked right on the Lucky Bay beach in the summer season serving your favourite hot or cold beverages.


      This photo of Lucky Bean is courtesy of TripAdvisor


      Camping grounds have been updated for more campsites and amenities - since the author's experiences at Cape Le Grand, Further upgrades also have been completed at other camping locations too like Alexander Bay.  at any of these beaches and with a fishing rod in hand, you can fish either end of the bay and guaranteed to get a catch - great fun for adults and kids. Read the article on Esperance Squid fishing here

      Hellfire bay is a favourite spot for tourists to have a body/boogy or normal surf, its protected from the sea breezes and southwesterly so the small swell almost always works for a fun wave. 

      To book a campsite in Cape Le Grand you need to do so online, below is the link

      Like all surfing locations its generally the tribal style of keeping the local spots secret from the blow-ins - not a particular negative local attitude of Esperance but a general code of conduct at most bayside towns. A little online research or a friendly chat to like-minded locals though and that barrier is quickly dismantled. If it's too windy for a surf here's an article about best windsurfing and kitesurfing places around Esperance. 

      Other than the franchise of Mcdonalds as the author pointed out, we also have the franchises -  Dome, Dominoes, Subway, Chicken treat and I personally live in hope that a Nando's will soon open. Several other cafes have opened with modern to trendy fit-outs. 

      If you have a 24/7 plus fitness gym membership and need to burn some extra cal's after eating all that takeaway and cafe food - well we have that franchise too! 

      We have Local wineries,  Microbrewery named lucky bay brewery you can tour and taste, W.A. Award-winning Olive oil  producer such as Yirri Grove which has on farm restaurant and produce shop, another award-winning local product -  hot sauces from hellfire bay sauce which we sell in the shop - or you can buy at the Sunday Markets stalls with many other stalls of locally made products such as local Honey with its unique flavours from our flora.

      Artists such as Cindy Poole have even been invited to be showcased in Paris fashion events. So her amazing glass gallery is worth a stop to look at, incidentally, Cindy Poole glass is used in the Whale Tail Sculpture that is located on the foreshore just down from the Anything and Everything Shop see the Map, There's also nearby an anchored barged water slide on the bay for kids and adults to slide into the waters from and another park with BBQ facilities.

      There is also always something going on at the two community-based art centres - The cannery arts and The community arts centre, with exhibitions of either local art, Australian or international artists on display.

      The town centres sound-shell on summer weekends comes alive when there is the outdoors movie cinema in the museum village, with family-friendly movies to enjoy for all ages. 

       There are lots to do too other than just beaches - A mountain bike track reviewed on dedicated bike articles is just up the road from town - called "the piggery". So if you bring bikes with your travels it's a great spot to enjoy a challenge and the scenery. Or drive a little further and stop at Helms Arboretum for a nature walk, if your craving bacon and eggs drop into the Bird and Animal Park for an all-day breakfast and tour the birds and animals.

      Then there is the extensive network of bayside bike tracks along our premium tourist roads you can explore. 

      We have mini golf available on school holidays - and next door a redeveloped and dedicated skateboard park which caters for both the teenager and younger kids of all levels - it's also a good vibe place where older kids are known to help out the younger ones.


      Also nearby and on summer weekends, the mini train run by volunteers is operating. What young kids don't love going under and over bridges and lakes. After having fun at these places you can settle down for a lunch at one of the several cafes along the beach, or walk along the extensive paths to the long jetty and get yourself a meal from the foods vans, or cook a steak on one of the several public BBQ areas available while the kids play in the play park.

      long tanker jetty kids play park in  Esperance.

      Book a tour to Esperance's own renowned island - called - Woody Island and enjoy  Blackjacks Bar or a meal at the  Kiosk after going for a snorkel or even a camp overnight if booked early.

      woody island cruises

      Lastly, you can visit the Esperance Historical Museum - run by local volunteers and without a doubt thought-provoking of how living over the Past centuries have changed and how more difficult life was to as it is now. Another great experience for kids to be enlightened and exposed to.

      If history is your interest then a drive out to Fanny Cove is recommended to see the settler ruins, and continue onto Shoal Cape for a night camping and snorkel the inner reefs, or stay at Fanny Cove for a surf if the swells cranking and offshore.

      I haven't listed every place or all the activities as there is too many to detail, but Esperance continues to evolve and grow as a desirable tourism destination - Anything and Everything  Esperance seeks to be a fundamental part of this process in the way our products showcase the natural beauty of the town's attractions and beaches, as well as offering local information to the tourist and visitor that wants a fulfilling experience when arriving in town.  


      Anyhow that's my soapbox for this week - stay tuned as in 4 years time for an updated version! 

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