Our Papers and Canvas Choices

 All our papers and canvas's are selected on quality and made for archival prints. 

Lustre Papers 

This photo paper is semi-gloss, it helps enhance the details and colours in the image. The lustre ‘texture’ helps with fingerprints and glare.

  • Daylight shots for a more natural look.
  • Less glare
  • Less chance of fingerprints prior to framing.
  • Nice all round paper.
  • Needs to be framed behind glass - more expensive mounting than canvas.

roll of lustre paper


Metallic Papers

Metallic paper gives colours a deeper colour saturation, makes light colours brighter and has a metallic sheen to the whole print. 

  • Sunset shots really pop in colours. 
  • Best for black and white photography
  • More Prone to scratching if handled poorly
  • Not as high white point as Lustre
  • Needs to be framed behind glass - more expensive mounting than canvas

roll of metallic paper


A Canvas print is the result of an image printed onto canvas which is stretched, or gallery-wrapped, onto a frame and displayed.

  • More forgiving for prints over 1.5  meters due to texture
  • Coated with a clear gloss for lasting protection.
  • Cheaper to mount than glass paper prints.
  • Can have a frame moulding around it for extra bling.
  • Not recommended to glass due to humidity issues
  • Slight loss of image quality due to texture for smaller prints.
  • Not as high white Point as other paper types.

roll of canvas paper



 Fine art photo prints we use genuine HP inks.

  • Largest colour gamut -  more colours tones to represent a truer image
  • 200 Year archival - inks will not deteriorate in *normal hanging positions
  •  True compatibility to our papers and canvas

HP inks

*normal hanging positions is considered not in direct sunlight and not for outdoors